A Very Different Vacation Ch. 02

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It was a long drive getting to the Keys from the Florida border. Starting out with the sun in my eyes, traffic on I-95 on a week-end was terrible, and concentration was needed while driving. As the day before, my wife sat in back sharing the seat with the luggage while my step-daughter rode in front to take over driving when needed.

Concentrating on the road was not easy, occasionally glancing at Beth’s long tanned legs. She had obviously spent some time in a tanning booth before leaving. She caught me looking her way a few times and smiled, knowing that her skimpy shorts were giving me a great view of her legs. Also on display were her magnificent breasts straining at the material of her tank top. Driving was not easy with the heavy traffic and the distraction sitting next to me.

Glancing her way at one point, I was surprised that her hand was rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her shorts as she smiled at me. Luckily, my wife couldn’t see her being in the back seat, but would have noticed if I would have reached bahis firmaları across to touch Beth. Maybe that was Beth’s plan, just to tease me as she had done since we started this trip.

I drove until mid-afternoon after stopping for a light lunch, then we switched drivers. Being on I-95, I had reached Fort Pierce before changing positions, knowing that Beth drives considerably faster and would make the rest of the distance easily. After she slid behind the wheel, I was able to take a distraction-free view of her tits and legs. Knowing what was beneath the fabric of those shorts, I began to get hard and it wasn’t going unnoticed by Beth. I began rubbing the length of my bulge, noticing that she was licking her lips.

We stopped for dinner at Homestead before heading down Hwy. 1 on the final leg to Key West. It was a long day, but was tolerable afforded the view in the front seat. At the diner, my wife excused herself to use the restroom before we left leaving Beth and I alone. Talking about the trip so far, I kaçak iddaa felt a light pressure against my cock and realized that she had removed her sandal and had placed her foot between my legs. This was the first actual contact between us, and as she rubbed my dick, I was hoping it wouldn’t be the last. My wife returned to the table, and I had to gently push Beth’s foot away so that I could soften before we left the diner.

Climbing into the car with Beth again driving, we started down the road. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, would progress with her since we would all be together throughout our vacation, but it was sure something to hope for.

It was a very long trip down Hwy.1, but was very beautiful. The evening sun was slowly setting as we drove down the overseas highway making for quite a few great scenic pictures. It was late evening when we finally checked into our room on N. Roosevelt Blvd. We were exhausted from the long drive and were looking forward to a good nights sleep. After lugging all of the luggage to kaçak bahis the room, we unpacked our night clothes and decided to finish with the rest tomorrow. My wife used the bathroom first, again leaving Beth and myself alone. When the bathroom door clicked shut, Beth began to strip out of her bra, top, shorts, and panties. As she stood before me naked, my mouth dropped as I took in her beautiful tits, flat stomach, leading down to her pussy peaking from her manicured strip. She rubbed her lips smiling at me before quickly putting on her pajamas. As she finished, my wife vacated the bathroom and was surprised that she was dressed for bed already. Beth explained that she had instructed me to turn my back while she changed to save time, and evidently was a good enough excuse, but my wife had to know that I had probably peeked.

I took my pajamas with me to the bathroom, again with them in front of me to hide the boner that had developed. Inside, I stripped and started to jerk off, irritated that this may be the closest that I would get to fucking Beth. Also, I was becoming frustrated that Beth was just teasing me and had no intention of allowing this to go any further. As my cum dribbled into the toilet, I figured that only time would tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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