Her Petite Possession Ch. 09

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The truth was that both Brad and Kate had been turned on by the tying up games. After all, one of the main attractions of the whole transformation thing had been the shift in power between them. Kate liked the independence and feeling of being in control and Brad loved the thrill of being helplessly subservient to his beautiful girlfriend.

Brad and Kate had discussed a few options, but as usual it was Kate who had made the final decision. With a solution now clear in her mind, they had gone shopping for the perfect pair of shorts, a pair that was sexy, tight and most importantly, lockable.

One of the many advantages of having turned your boyfriend into lingerie was the ability to take him in the changing room. Unfortunately though, Brad’s view when trying on shorts, dresses or skirts was limited.

Once locked inside the changing room, Kate squeezed into a pair of blue denim shorts. The cut perfectly fitted her narrow waist so that once buttoned up there was no way they could be removed over her hips. The rear seam curved tightly down between her legs and pulled Brad slightly between her cheeks. The denim tightly encircled the top of her tanned thighs conveniently cutting out all light and air to the occupant inside.

“I think these may be perfect,” Kate whispered, “but let me just try the padlock.”

She played with the small lock until she had positioned it over the popper that secured the shorts.

“Yeah, it fits and there’s certainly no way to open the popper now.”

Brad pulled and stretched as he explored his new home. It was tight, but then so was most of Kate’s wardrobe. It was also very dark which Kate would say was a good thing as he could worship her butt without distraction from the outside world.

“Do I get a say on this?” he asked.

Kate ignored the silly question.

“Opps, I didn’t actually bring the key for this lock.”

“What? Guess you’ll be buying them then.”

Kate pulled at the tight denim material which seemed to have already moulded itself to the shape of her body, “It’s kinda sexy being locked in these.”

“Until you need to use the toilet.”

Kate ignored him again and pulled her red top down to hide the padlock. She then ripped the label from the back of the shorts and took it out to the counter to pay.


When they returned home, Kate fetched the key and was finally able to unlock her shorts. With Brad hanging pitifully around her ankles and much to her relief, she sat down on the toilet. Brad spent his brief moment of freedom looking up as she re-tied her long brown ponytail and then pulled him straight back into place.

“Right the shorts are safely locked up again,” Kate proudly announced, “and I thought we could celebrate with a little bike ride.”

“These shorts on a saddle, you sure?” Brad asked warily.

“It’ll be fun!”

“You sure?”

“Well don’t come if you don’t want to,” Kate giggled.

Kate had already wheeled her bike out on to the road and was straddling the cross bar. She eased back down on to the saddle, letting her butt mould in to place around the black leather seat.

“OK?” she checked.

“Yeah it’s actually nice, the saddle massages me in just the right place.”

“Good panties,” Kate smiled, “I knew you’d like it down there.”

Kate started to peddle, her legs tensing, her glutes pushing in turn against the soft saddle.

“Still nice I hope?”

Brad touched her clit in reply as he lay beneath her, moving and stretching as her butt massaged him.

“Hey, touch me there and we’ll both end up in a ditch!” Kate cried before realising that she may have been overheard by a passing cyclist.

It was now early afternoon and Kate was still riding and Brad was still stretching and straining to contain her body. A cyclist rang her bell as she passed by.

“Hey she’s pretty,” Kate relayed to Brad, “you’d like her.”


Brad had replied without thinking, still totally aroused from the movement casino oyna of Kate’s butt on the saddle. He looked to see if anything was visible through the seams of the warm denim that was starting to winkle around her hips. He couldn’t.

Kate was giggling.

Her skin was now tacky with perspiration which Brad was doing a great job at soaking up. She could feel that he was now wet, particularly where he passed between her legs. She could have stood up on the pedals to give him some relief, but she didn’t.

“It’s getting hot in here, any chance of a rest and maybe some air?” Brad panted, exhausted from the unrelenting sexual stimulation.

“No rest and air is impossible as I didn’t bring the key.”


“And you tried to look at that girl…bad move,” Kate laughed as she cycled harder.

Now desperate for her to stop arousing him, Brad rubbed back and forth across her clit.

“Bad panties!” Kate cried out in fits of laughter.

“Bad butt! Do you know what it’s doing to me in here?” Brad moaned back, as he came again.

“Okay, Okay!”

Kate squeezed the brakes and pulled up on a secluded stretch of the river. She jumped off her bike and propped her hands against the trunk of the nearest tree.

“Now you can!”

Brad didn’t disappoint and brought Kate to orgasm. She finally had to slide her fingers down inside the front of her shorts to stop him.

“Good boy,” she panted, “I might even have given you some fresh air and a glimpse of the view if these were locked.”

“Are you sure there’s no way to get these shorts off?” Brad asked.

“Have you seen how tight they are?”

“Believe me, I know! Break the padlock?”

“What without the key?”

Kate accidentally broke wind and then giggled.

“Oh Katie!”


Brad was feeling very confined and movement was almost impossible as he stuck to Kate’s damp body. “I think the exercise has strengthened your butt and its trying and bust out of these shorts.”

“It’s a battle the shorts are going to win,” Kate replied.

“I know and I’m caught in the middle!”

Kate threw her leg over, sat back down on the saddle and waited for inevitable moan of pleasure from her underwear. There it was, Brad was already aroused and she had over five miles of cycling ahead.


By the time Kate pulled up at her house, her legs were aching and her panties were moaning in helpless ecstasy. Her over sexed boyfriend had been unable to focus on any sort of sensible conversation for most of the way back.

“Brad, you slut, we’re back.”


“That’s the trouble with cycling, the movement of my bottom excites you too much. Maybe I should keep these shorts locked for the rest of the night to teach you a lesson.”

“Yes please!”

Kate rolled her eyes as she collapsed on to her bed. “Well my butt aches from all that cycling and you’re going to give me a full and very through massage.”

She laid on her front on her bed, her ankle length boots still on her feet, and felt Brad gently squeeze her butt. She looked behind and could see slight telltale movement in the tight denim. It was just as well no one was looking. It felt nice and she freed her long hair, flicked it back and laid her head on the pillow as her butt vibrated from his touch.

Brad worked for an hour before he realised that Kate had fallen asleep with her shorts still on and the padlock still locked. He pulled himself down to a slight chink of light showing through a tiny gap between the hem of the shorts and the back of Kate’s right thigh. He felt like a prisoner looking out of his dungeon through a small barred window. In his excitement at being able to look out across her bedroom, he inadvertently touched her clit and Kate reacted by stretching in her sleep and bang the gap was gone.


It was the weekend and Kate and Brad had decided to head to the mountains. They’d enjoyed walking together before and enjoyed it just as much under canlı casino their new reality. Kate threw their camping equipment into her car and dropped down into the driver’s seat.

“Do we have everything?” Kate asked, as she pulled up her short blue dress to look down at Brad between her legs.

They liked to look at each other while driving which meant Kate wearing a dress or a skirt. If she drove in jeans, her butt, the snug cut of the denim and the shape of the seat made for a very tightly sealed boyfriend. She opened her legs a little to give Brad some more space and then turned the key.

Brad liked to watch her drive. Her cute face was always full of expression and he could almost read what was happening on the road by the look in her beautiful eyes. At one point her dress fell down a little, taking away his sight and plunging him into semi darkness.

“Katie, your dress.”

“Opps,” she smiled.

“Can you lift it up?”

“What’s it worth?

“You horny bitch.”

“Touch my clit or stay in the dark…”

Brad obeyed and a minute later when Kate pulled up her dress she had a new look in her eyes.


They pulled up at the car park and Kate walked over to the toilets to change from blue dress and heels to t-shirt, denim shorts and walking boots.

“I’m afraid there’s no more dress for you this weekend,” Kate announced as she pulled up her shorts and buttoned everything in.

“So I see.”

“But if you behave, I’ll open your window.”

At Brad’s insistence, Kate had cut a one inch square opening in the back of her denim shorts. This small flap of denim could be buttoned down, which it was now, or unbuttoned and lifted up to reveal a small piece of pink underwear hugging the lower part of her butt. Although small, it let Brad look out at the fantastic scenery. Without it, Brad’s only view of the mountains would be the occasion slit of light and fleeting glimpse of the ground between her thighs and her shorts.

“Well open it then!” Brad cried excitedly.

“Mmm, when we’re alone in the mountains.”

Brad wanted to argue, but knew that wouldn’t end well and so settled for the occasional glimpse of his girlfriend’s feet as she picked her way along the small rocky path up the valley. Kate was walking slowly, but it was a hot day and she was still starting to perspire. She could feel him with every step as he seemed to be getting caught in the fold between her butt and her thighs.

“OK, it’s time to open the window,” Kate teased as she unbuttoned the small flap of denim and then immediately sat down on a large rock for a rest.

“Oh thanks Katie!”

“You’re welcome,” she giggled as she pulled her hair from a loose ponytail and tied it back more tightly behind her, “Nice rock?”

They started walking again and at last Brad could see out and enjoy the valley and the mountains above. After spending almost three months as a Kate’s underwear and having seen very little apart from the brunette’s butt, he just stared at the view which got better and better as Kate climbed.

“Back inside, someone’s coming,” Kate said as she buttoned him back in.

Kate felt him tighten around her waist, something he often did when he was cross. “You do realise that I like that, don’t you?” she replied.


It was late afternoon by the time Kate had pitched the small tent in a sunny, sheltered spot at the top of the valley. The other hikers had left the mountain for night giving them complete privacy. Kate unbuttoned her removed her shorts and lay in the sun in only t-shirt, underwear and boots.

“My legs are sore,” she said as she rubbed the heel of her hands against her strong tanned legs, “Maybe you can help?”

She slipped Brad midway down her thighs and then closed her legs with him pinned in between. Brad’s gentle movements had an amazing effect on Kate’s pussy, but had little effect on Kate’s strong, tired thigh muscles.

“Is that all you have?” she complained, squeezing him harder kaçak casino as if that would help the cause.

“I can’t move at all in this fucking vice!” he cried, even though she couldn’t hear him.

“Mmm, you really do have only one use,” she said as she pulled him back up between her legs, “off you go.”

“Hey, I need a rest too?”

“What? You haven’t been walking.”

“Do you know how many times your butt cheeks have pummelled and battered me?”

Kate looked down in mock surprise as she tensed her glutes and listened to Brad cry out in aroused frustration. In retaliation, Brad started to tickle Kate between her legs which made Kate cry out and roll over on to her front. With Kate no longer sitting on him, he pulled himself in between her butt cheeks and tickled her there as well. Within seconds they were both rolling around on the camping mat laughing.

“Ha, got you and you’ve got no safe to threaten to lock me in,” Brad beamed.

Kate looked around, “Yes, but there’s a tiny zip pocket in my denim shorts that would act as a very secure jail for you.”

“I wouldn’t fit.”


“OK, sorry Katie,” Brad kicked himself for baiting her, when would be learn that she was far too powerful and sadistic for that.

Kate pulled him off her hips, down her legs and carefully eased him over her boots. “Keep still,” she commanded as she folded her twitching underwear in half again and again.

Brad felt like a contortionist as she folded him in half yet again until he was an almost cube shaped pile of silk. Kate held her helpless soul mate between her thumb and forefinger.

“You really need to learn not to challenge me, I’ll always win,” Kate smiled, pleased that she’d found yet another way to completely restrain him, “I could tuck you in my bra or tuck you in my boot like this and you’d be completely stuck.”

Brad couldn’t match the strength in Kate’s fingers and so could only look on and wait for the inevitable and as she unzipped the pocket on the back of her favourite denim shorts and squeezed him inside.

“Any last words?” Kate teased, “Oh yes I forgot, you’re mute without my pussy.”

She very carefully zipped him inside reducing him still further to nothing more than a slight bulge in the pocket of her shorts.

“OK, see if you can get out of that!”

Kate was now sitting on top of her folded denim shorts, naked other than for boots and t-shirt. She felt exhilarated as the slightly cooler evening breeze blew gently between her legs.


The sun was now setting behind the mountains on the far side of the valley and the temperature was dropping fast. Kate unzipped the pocket and eased Brad out.

“I’m going to put my jeans on and I assume you want to come inside?”

Brad was cold and cramped and desperate to be part of Kate’s evening attire. With the wind continuing to blow, she unfolded him and slid him back up her legs. He watched impatiently as she pulled up her jeans and buttoned them around her waist.

“Oh that’s so nice and warm,” he said, snuggling in to her as far as he could.

“You really are pleased to be back on,” Kate replied as she felt his frenzied movements against her.

She lay down on her mat and lit the small fire that she’d laid as Brad worked his magic and treated her to a tight thong.

“You can’t still be cold?” she asked, “Not that I’m complaining, you feel nice.”

“Right now I’d be happy to be worn inside your leather trousers.”

“I wish I’d bought them with me,” Kate purred.

Kate stood up and walked over to her backpack, but stepped awkwardly on a rock and rolled her ankle. She cried out in pain and hopped back over to the tent.

“You you Okay Katie?” Brad asked.

“Just my ankle.”

She pulled off her boot and massaged her ankle, but was still unable to put any weight on it. If it wasn’t any better by the morning then she had a big problem. She had no phone reception and being Sunday night, it was unlikely that there would be any hikers up in that part of the mountains until the following weekend. Still dressed, Kate climbed painfully into her sleeping bag wondering whether this would force her to share her little secret.

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