Molee’s World Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Molee and Michelle meet

The elevator descended slowly. Molee stood alone with weak knees watching the numbers count down from 7. She had just been fucked like an animal by a complete stranger that she had never met or even seen. She felt as if she were floating in some hyper reality.

Her pussy was wet and hot from and less than 10 minutes had passed since a spurting cock had erupted inside her. And yet here she was, dressed like a whore with no underwear on her way to the lobby to meet Michelle69 at the hotel bar.

Her mind reeled and her stomach fluttered in fear and anticipation. This was the most insane thing she had ever done in her life. She was racked by guilt also. She had a family 400 miles east of here, and she could not believe she was here. There was another part of her though that reveled in the experience. She felt truly alive for the first time in years and years.

And with these thoughts swirling in her mind, the elevator doors dinged open. She stood transfixed looking out of the split opening of the doors. Directly in front of her was the lobby desk that was currently unmanned. She looked to the right and saw the atrium of the hotel. There were fake plants and a fountain that screamed, ‘HOTEL’ in their uniquely bland architecture. On the far side was a bar running the length of the lobby atrium and lounge style chairs decorated the open air area in a diamond shape.

She stepped out of the elevator feeling as if every eye in the place had turned toward her and a single voice erupted from everyone simultaneously in a cacophony of thought that said, ‘Slut’.

In truth no one appeared to notice her. She took a tentative step toward the bar and felt as if she were somehow leaving the safety of her elevator haven and stepping out into a jungle of unknown possibility. She forced herself to take a deep breath and began a slow walk toward the bar. She examined every face in every chair like a hunter searching for quarry.

At the far end of the bar a beautiful woman was smiling at her. Their eyes locked and Molee felt her own lips surprise her by turning up into a grin. She walked faster toward Michelle69.

Michelle69 was dressed as the young professional she no doubt was. She wore an expensive but casual skirt-blouse combination that accentuated her female curves but with taste and tact. Her blond hair was pulled back away from her face. Her cheek bones were well defined, and her skin appeared perfect with just a hint of make up. Her blue eyes sparkled with intelligence and mischief and her grin was both warm and questioning.

A cellular phone/PDA combination sat next to a leather note book in front of her along with a tall drink. ‘How is this woman alone?’ Molee wondered thinking that Michelle69 was perhaps the most beautiful woman on this planet Earth. Molee approached Michelle69 and it was as if her beauty grew with each step. When she reached the table she stopped and only stared. She did not know what to say. How does one introduce oneself to a woman who knew every deep dirty sexual desire of her soul?

“Hello Molee.” Michelle69 said still grinning.

Molee was suddenly aware of how she must look to this gorgeous woman and she blushed imagining her standing there looking like a trailer trash whore. “Hi.” She replied unable to suppress a grin.

And then both Molee and Michelle69 laughed out loud. Michelle stood and hugged Molee sisterly. Molee hugged her back grinning. The tension and uncertainty of the moment flooded out of both of them and they both sat down adjacent to each other pulling their chairs close together like two old friends reunited for the first time in years.

Michelle69 picked up her drink and drank deeply and said, “So you are ‘SweetMolee’?” indicating her screen name on the computer.

Molee nodded and said, “And I finally meet Michelle69.”

“Guilty as charged, but you can just call me Michelle from here on out I think.” Michelle said grinning again.

“And I am just Molee.” Molee replied.

A waitress approached looking concerned and ready to call security at any moment. She stopped at he table and said, “Er Michelle can I get your er ‘friend’ anything?”

Michelle looked at the young woman who looked like she might be 23 at most. Michelle instantly registered the concern on the young woman’s face. It said clearly, ‘Is this slutty hooker bothering you?’

Michelle smiled and said, “Thank you Cathy I believe that my friend could use a drink. This is Molee and she is a very good friend of mine. She will have a double shot of your best top shelf tequila and a rum and coke back.”

Cathy stood confused staring at Michelle and then said, “Of course. Right away.” And then Cathy disappeared.

Michelle was obviously amused. When Cathy was out of earshot Michelle said, “I should have told that stuck up bitch that fucking makes you thirsty and to just get the drinks without the melodrama. But sadly I am on business here and must keep some of my more blunt opinions to myself. Cathy canlı bahis is my personal concierge, a perk of being a double platinum member that I could do without.”

Michelle grinned as Molee blushed.

Cathy returned with the drinks a few seconds later still eyeing Molee suspiciously. Molee forced herself to smile at her and then shot back the tequila in one big shot that you might expect from a drunken sailor or a hooker. She smiled at Cathy retreated her eyes glowing with contempt.

Michelle smiled at her and said, “There you go. Get into spirit of things. Now tell me did you enjoy your little fantasy?”

Molee smiled despite herself. “Um it was pretty nice yeah.” She replied.

“Nice?” Michelle asked incredulously. “It was nice. I hope it was better than nice.” She said sounding offended.

“Well actually er it was…….” Molee stammered.

Michelle grinned. “Nice?” she asked finishing Molee’s sentence with humor.

This time Molee laughed. “Well how about fucking incredible.”

“That’s better.” Michelle said grinning. “Now tell me every detail.”

And the words started flowing out of Molee. She was stunned at how much like and unlike chat this experience was. She found she could talk to Michelle just like she did online. She used the same crude words and depth of detail, but it was so much more intense to be able to see and feel her reactions by the look on her face or the thin sheen of sweat that surfaced on her upper lip. Molee could almost feel Michelle’s excitement at her retelling of the events that would become known as the 714 event in their shared vocabulary.

When Molee finished her story she found that she was wet not only from her activities, but actually horny again. She smiled at the thought and noticed Michelle had that same ‘God I’m horny now’ grin on her face.

“But I do have a question for you?” Molee said.

Michelle raised her eyebrows curiously.

“Well more than one question, but my first one is, ‘how in the hell did that guy see me in the dark?'” Molee asked.

Michelle grinned as if she held a secret and then reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of goggles that looked like they were mini-binoculars. “Night vision glasses.” Michelle said.

Molee’s stomach dropped. “You mean he could see EVERYTHING?” she asked incredulously. She was suddenly very self conscious. She replayed lying on the bed splayed with cum oozing from her freshly fucked pussy. She was both horrified and aroused to think that the faceless man not only could recognize her, but had seen every second of their anonymous fuck.

Michelle smiling touched her arm gently, “Relax. I assure you that your fuck buddy will never mention you to anyone.”

“But….” Molee’s voice trailed off. She didn’t know what else to say.

After a second of silence Molee said, “Who was he?”

Michelle grinned and said, “I think that it is better you never know.”

Molee considered this and intuitively knew there was wisdom in Michelle’s statement, but it unnerved her. She glanced nervously around the bar searching each man’s face in the bar for recognition. Was one of them watching her?

Michelle smiled at her. “It could be anyone. Maybe he is sitting in this bar, or maybe not. Isn’t exciting to think that every man you meet from now on a part of you will wonder, ‘Did I fuck you in a hotel room in Portland?’. I think that is a hot fantasy.”

Molee shivered thinking about that implication. It never occurred to her that this night may have consequences beyond the moment, but Michelle was right. She glanced at the attractive man sitting at the bar. She did not even have a tingle of recognition when she looked at him, but maybe he was the one. Her mind immediately conjured an image of him naked and sweaty over her, his thick cock thrusting into her as she came on him. She felt a tingle in her pussy and bit her bottom lip nervously. Jesus this was intense.

Michelle was grinning. “I will tell one thing. It was not him.” She said gesturing toward the man Molee was fantasizing about.

Molee blushed at her transparency.

Molee was reeling now with the help of the alcohol and the thought that every guy she ever would meet would become part of her fantasy world.

Michelle held her hand as an old friend might and said, “I have one more thing for you.”

Molee looked at her puzzled and said, “What?”

Michelle grinned again reaching into her purse. She withdrew an envelope exactly like the ones that had led Molee to this point and handed it to her. Molee opened it and gasped. Inside were 6 crisp $100.00 dollar bills.

“What’s this?” Molee asked confused.

“It’s the last part of your fantasy. You see the guy you fucked had a fantasy to fuck a hooker. That’s what he paid.”

Molee’s jaw dropped open. She never considered that she might be as much a fantasy to the man as he was to her. She suddenly felt very dirty. She stared at the money that seemed equally dirty to her. “Oh my God.” She said feeling those butterflies bahis siteleri in her stomach threaten to break through her navel to the outside world. Her head spun and she felt faint.

Michelle’s smile faltered and she gripped Molee’s shoulder pushing her gently back into the chair. “Relax hun. It’s okay.” She soothed.

Molee definitely did not feel ‘OK’, but she allowed Michelle to hold her upright. Her breathing was fast and shallow and she knew she was on the verge of hyperventilating. Michelle pinched the skin behind her elbow hard. The pain was sharp and immediate, but her head quickly cleared.

“Ow.” She exclaimed.

“Sorry, but you looked a little green there.” Michelle said.

“So he thinks I am a hooker?” Molee said with both anxiety and anger in her voice.

“Who gives a flying fuck what he thinks? I mean it’s not like you are dating.” Michelle said bluntly.

But Molee did care. She didn’t know why but she did. And more than that, she was afraid that maybe she was a hooker on some level. She fucked the guy and now had money. Jesus. But she knew that money was not her motivation. Moral dilemmas made her feel guilty, and she did feel that. Jesus what was she thinking.

“Get over it. It doesn’t change who you are.” Michelle said with words that hit Molee with no less force than a slap would have.

Molee stared at Michelle ready to feel anger rise in her to the point she would punch her smug and judgmental smile off the side of her head. But when she looked into Michelle’s eyes, her anger died. She did not see smugness or superiority there. Instead she saw a friend who was not judging her, but trying to help her come to terms with a new reality.

Michelle smiled at Molee tentatively. Molee found the corners of her own mouth turning up.

Michelle spoke softly to her as if she were the only person in the universe. “You can be anyone you wish tonight. Tomorrow you can go back to being who you think you are. But tonight just let it go. Be the person you fantasize about being.”

Molee’s throat seemed to close and she could not swallow. She stared at Michelle torn between her options. Part of her wanted to run back to her room, pack, and get the hell out of there, but another part burned with desire to let go and follow Michelle to where ever she might lead.

Michelle watched her and saw the turmoil within her. She took her hand and said, “Come with me to your room now and let’s get cleaned up for a night on the town. I will tell you a story and then you can decide to stay or go.”

Molee nodded hesitantly and Michelle smiled knowingly.

Michelle turned and beckoned Cathy to her. Cathy came and seemed to have lost her contempt and resigned herself to her role of service. “Cathy, please take a bottle of wine to my friends room and have my overnight bag brought up as well.”

Cathy nodded subserviently and disappeared quickly. Michelle took Molee’s hand and led her toward the elevators. Molee went willingly with her new friend.

* * * * * * *

Once back inside her room, Molee felt both better and worse. The sense of hyper-reality had left her as the door closed safely behind her. The sense of guilt over the reality of what she had done, however, hit her like a hammer blow to the chest. Somewhere between the lobby and this room Michelle had become a ‘real’ person and not just fantasy fodder from the internet.

The reality that a real flesh and blood person knew all of the guilty pleasures of her sexually adventurous mind, made her head swim. It was like two worlds colliding, and she wondered if this is what it must be like for a split personality to be forced to face each other and acknowledge the existence of the other.

Michelle continued to smile at her and squeeze her hand reassuringly. She may not know exactly what Molee was going through, but she was empathetic enough to see conflict.

The wine arrived along with Michelle’s overnight bag. Molee wondered what was going to happen next. When Cathy left with a generous tip from Michelle, Molee sat on the edge of the bed and said to her, “So what story are you going to tell me.”

Michelle grinned and said, “The best kind. A true one.”

Molee cocked her head not understanding and then Michelle began, “About a month ago, I had an epiphany. You see I had a friend come to me and tell me about a sexual fantasy that her boyfriend had asked her to fulfill, and I helped her fulfill it.”

Molee’s confusion persisted and she said, “So what did you do?”

Michelle continued grinning clearly enjoying the retelling of this story. “Well it’s not so much as what I did as what my friend did. You see she and her boyfriend cooked up this ‘game’ where each month they must fulfill a secret desire of the other. Each month she alternates getting and giving sexual gratification. The only rule between them is complete honesty, and you must meet the 30 day deadline. My friend needed a little help with her first one, and I was lucky enough to participate. I won’t tell bahis şirketleri you what it was, because that is her secret to share or not, but since then, I have decided to play my own version of this game.”

Molee stared at her. “So every month you get a fantasy fulfilled.”

Michelle nodded and then shook her head. “Well not exactly. In my version of the game, I decided that it would not be as much fun for me to fulfill my own fantasies, but instead fulfill those of people I know.”

Molee nodded slowly understanding. Michelle spoke again more casually and lightly then before, “Make no mistake I still get fucked when I want, but its such a rush to help someone fulfill the darkest sexual desires.”

Molee then asked, “So tonight was a game and I was a pawn?”

Michelle frowned looking somewhat hurt and said, “Not exactly. I was not playing a game with your head. I am not trying to manipulate or use you, and remember part of the game is honesty. I just like helping people find pleasure. “The Game” is just what my friend calls it. It’s just a way to explore pleasure. I think you enjoyed tonight, but are feeling guilty about it now. That’s what is so great about ‘the game’. It allows you to explore your sexuality without the hang-ups. Are you going to tell me you didn’t like it?” she asked.

Molee considered her. She felt somehow used, but she also knew that her guilt was reaching out looking for someone to blame other than herself. That was not fair, but it was what it was.

Finally she sighed and said, “No I admit I loved every second of it. I did God help me, but I feel so……. dirty I guess.”

Michelle smiled and said, “Dirty is such a turn on.”

Molee grinned at this and said, “Yeah it is.”

Michelle poured a glass of wine for both of them from the bottle and handed the glass to Molee. She took a sip and said, “So are we going out for some more fun or would you rather stay here? In or out?”

Molee considered for a minute and then took a sip of wine. She finally was able to let go and her heart spoke before her mind could intercede. “I think I would prefer in and out.”

Michelle giggled with glee and said, “Really?”

Molee grinned with genuine pleasure, the pressure already leaving her now that the decision was made, “What the fuck? I mean I already fucked a guy for money. Guess we should spend some of it. Besides if I’m gonna feel guilty I might as well make it worth it.” Molee was suddenly felt like a child sneaking cigarettes from her parents pack. The nervous thrill and anticipation of doing something forbidden excited her like nothing else ever had.

Michelle grinned wildly at this new Molee. “Oh we are going to have so much fun.” She predicted.

“I need a shower and a change of clothes first”, Molee said.

“Me too. You go shower first and I will pick out the outfits.” Michelle said already bounding for the door.

Molee stripped and got into the shower thinking, ‘I wonder if whoever taught her this game realizes what they have released upon the earth.’ The tingles of anticipation started and the butterflies were back as she felt the hot spray of water wash over her.

She resisted the temptation to masturbate in the shower, and she wondered how in the hell she could be this horny within an hour of being so thoroughly fucked. But she was, and the night was young.

She was drying herself in front of the mirror when Michelle bounded back into the room with a roller board suitcase. Michelle stripped without humility and joined her in the bathroom. Her blond hair was now free and flowed behind her. Her breasts were perfect C-cups topped with bright pink nipples. She was smiling and seemed to radiate sexuality. As she stepped out of her underwear, Molee noticed her completely shaven pussy and trim waist.

“My God you’re sexy.” Molee said with an open mouth barely realizing she had vocalized her thoughts.

Michelle giggled and said, “Pick your tongue up off the floor or I’ll make you put it to good use.” She flashed her legs apart quickly still giggling giving Molee an unobstructed view of her labia and clitoral hood. Molee was immediately reminded of a fast frame video of a flower blossoming and shook the image from her mind.

Without further conversation, Michelle gracefully stepped into the shower and steam began to fill the room.

Molee knew tonight was a night she would never forget. And it was just beginning.

* * * * * *

At about 11 pm, Michelle and Molee left the room at the hotel. Molee was dressed more provocatively than she normally dressed, but compared to her ‘hooker’ get up, she was positively conservative. She donned a red mini-skirt and a white blouse and bra. She had on thong panties that made her feel sexy, and comfortable sandals. She felt sexy and excited.

Michelle had also changed. Her hair was blond and flowing over a tanned face. Her high cheek bones touched with make up to give her a sexy out on the town look. She wore a black skirt that was short but still in the realm of tasteful. She wore a white tank top with a light green blouse. Molee considered her outfit equal to hers on the “slut scale”. They didn’t look like hookers, but it was clear from their dress that they were out for fun.

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