My Office Crush

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Background of the story: Sarah and Bob are working in the same office at different positions. Bob is an electrician, while Sarah is an office assistant. Both like each other from longtime but never expressed their affection to each other until one fine night.

One day sarah was late to office. She was rushing to catch a cab to go office. It was rush hour and no cab stopped for her. Suddenly a cab was stopped before her and the door opened. Immediately sarah entered the cab and found bob was sitting right beside her.

Sarah and Bob’s eyes met for few seconds. “Drive”, said sarah. Both turned their heads away, looking into windows, trying to act normal. Bob slowly turned his head inside towards sarah. Sarah was slim, black haired, aged about 33 years. Bob was athletic, square faced and 4 years younger to sarah. Bob was married, no kids yet while sarah was a single mother.

Sarah was not a sexy woman in office still bob finds her attractive. She bent her head backward, half-closed her eyes trying to relax in the car. Bob never got a chance to see her close; his eyes were looking at her face, her closed eyes, her small nose and her brown cheeks, nicely done lips. His eyes came down looking her long neck, even down looking at her deep cleavage and stopped at her boobs staring at them eagerly.

What you are looking at bob, said sarah softly, with eyes half open. Bob tried to clear his throat, nothing madam, it’s just you’ve got great curves; I’m just appreciating them with my eyes. Oh really!! I’ll take that as a compliment. Here comes your stop, said driver. Both get down and attend their duties.

It was 2.30 pm same day, air conditioner was not working in chairman’s room where sarah works. Bob entered the room to inspect the air conditioner. His assistant was on leave on that day, he required an assistant to help him. Sarah offered her help to be his assistant for time being so that the air conditioner gets ready soon.

There was no one in the chairman’s room except for both of them. Bob climbed on a ladder to inspect the circuit connections; sarah held the ladder as support. From top he asked her to handle his toolkit, she gave the toolkit. Bob looked down to take toolkit. Sarah had opened her two shirt buttons to relieve casino oyna from heat, her whole cleavage was so revealing that bob was staring at her brown boobs and gulping.

“It was too hot here Bob so I unbuttoned my shirt. Is this bothering you, should I close it?” asked sarah. No, it’s really hot in here. You can open another two buttons if you are feeling too much heat, replied bob. Are you sure. I don’t think you could handle the heat if I open my shirt further, told sarah teasingly. I can handle more heat than you think, madam. Feel free to open your shirt completely and leave the rest to me, reciprocated bob in same teasing tone. She unbuttoned her shirt completely.

Bob solved the air conditioner problem before she could completely open her shirt. While climbing down the ladder, he acted as his foot got slipped and fell on sarah. She held bob with her hands; he could not control his feelings for her anymore and hugged her tightly. She drew back and pushed him away. He felt rejected and bend his head down. She came closer to him and said, there are security cameras watching us here. This is not the place, let’s meet tonight and leave for now. He obeyed her order and left to his cabin.

It was 6’o clock in the evening, Bob was called by the operations manager to his cabin. He was standing before manager’s desk. Sarah could be seen through the view through window behind manager seat. Sarah started teasing bob by opening her shirt buttons. Bob was staring at her round breasts and dark nipples; suddenly chairman entered her cabin and she was quick enough to dress up her shirt and she was not in a mood to quit tempting bob. She was wearing a knee above office skirt, which gives bob a chance to see her hairy thing with her legs little open.

Eyes of the bob started to roam all her body and went down to her knees and stopped there. She understood what is running through his mind. She decided to show him the trailer of the tonight premiere. She slowly inserted her right hand between her legs and smoothly removed her black panties unto her legs, grabbed them and put them into her purse without giving chance to her chairman to notice her act. She opened her legs slightly giving a clear view to bob so that he could see her clean shaved vagina canlı casino lips.

She inserted her left hand between her legs and started to caress her pubic zone as if it is bob’s hand but not hers. Bob was aroused already and started to feel hard between his knees. Manager asked bob to wait in his cabin for few moments while he was left for a short meeting. Immediately after the manager gone, bob couldn’t resist anymore; took a chair, sat and unzipped his trousers. Bob was sitting in such a way that the desk covers his body from waist to feet. Bob took out his already hard penis and started rubbing it to desk. Sarah understood that bob was going to masturbate seeing her naked pussy right here in office, this thought of masturbating before the colleagues aroused her more.

She started to rub her clit with her fingers, gasping soft and unnoticeable moans. Sarah’s face expressions were killing bob to go straight away to her and fuck her tight pussy nice and hard. He couldn’t fuck her now before all his colleagues in real but he could fuck her in his imagination and that’s what he started to do. Without closing his eyes, seeing sarah fingering her pussy bob imagined that he is tongue fucking her pussy between her legs bent down below her desk.

Sarah inserted her fingers into her pussy and started stroking nice and gentle. Bob couldn’t resist anymore of seeing her crush finger fucking her pussy in front of him to get him aroused like a mad dog. He stroked fast and hard his dick until he ejaculated loads of white sticky cum in the same manager’s cabin. Sarah noticed that bob has ejaculated and removed her hand. Both went to washroom to clean them up.

Hey sarah, you not coming, asked her friend Velvet. No, I still have some work to do, you leave. See Bob, you need to finish the board room wiring by tomorrow morning, ordered the operations manager. Yes sir, I’ll stay up all night and finish the work, replied bob. Except security guards almost everyone left the office.

Bob’s phone beeps. He got a text message which reads; its time. Without any delay bob headed to sarah’s cabin only to find nobody was in there except her black panties on her desk written “Find me and my pussy is yours tonight”. He took her panty, sniffs it like a trained kaçak casino dog. Her panty was wet with her vagina fluids, which smell was heavy with a desire to get fucked and ripped. He searched all over the office except the ladies toilets.

Soon realized that she is hiding in ladies toilets. He went near ladies toilets there he saw her white shirt was hanging on the door written on it ‘you are late for the party’, bob entered into ladies toilets and found her in white bras and black skirt, desire in her erotic eyes and heat in her pussy looking like a lust goddess. She ordered him to get naked, bob undressed and reached sarah.

They hugged tightly and kissed passionately. Their lips were pressing hard, tongues were swirling round and moans were spreading all around. he breaks the kiss to reach her neck, kisses the neckline down to her bust, sees her breasts, dips his face between her boobs. Hey bob you want them. Yes sarah. i want them so badly that i will squeeze out all your milk.

Come to me bob, lick my boobs, press them, pinch them, eat them and suck on my nipples, she invites him. He reaches her nipples with his greedy mouth; suckle them one by one alternatively. I don’t want you to be naked sarah, I want to fuck you with this skirt on, requests bob. I want to feel that i am fucking my office lady, expresses his desire. Your sincere wish is granted, now fuck me bob. Do whatever you want, just give me your hard dick.

She gets on her knees, holds his manhood in her hands and swallows it into her mouth. Slurping and swirling her tongue around his tool like a pro she says, “your dick is nice and tasty. I want to lick it clean”. Come on bob fuck my face and cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum, she orders him.

I will fuck your face with pleasure sarah, replies bob and starts stroking her mouth gently. He holds her hair tight and pushes his dick deep into her throat. She groans, shakes her head willingly. He pushes his dick in and out her mouth fast shaking her head in rhythm to his strokes. She feels his balls stiffness which are about to release his cum. Sarah locks his cum filled balls with her fingers to stop the ejaculation while bob reaches climax without ejaculation.

Both relax for a moment; she unzips her skirt, gets completely naked and teases him showing her pink love hole oozing juices and round ass crack. His tool become erect after seeing her, soon they start the second innings of the naked game.

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