My Pain Reliever

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It all started about 3 months ago when I was in my car accident. I was in a cast from nearly head to toe for 8 weeks and in the hospital all that time. My doctor assured me that with adequate physical therapy, I would have no long-term effects. That is where I met Katheryn. Kat, as I called her, was a 26 year old physical therapist, young and full of life. She was a hoot and really helped me through it all… and I mean really helped me.

“Well good morning!” She squealed one morning coming into my room. “Time to wake up sister, and get your bath.”

I had just had my cast off only a week, and was so sore. It hurt to do anything but sleep. My doctor was very good at giving me a lot of pain medication, but when it wore off, I really felt like shit.

“Do we have to do it now, Kat?” I moaned. “The nurse hasn’t come with my meds yet.”

“Oh, now… a hot bath will do you good. But I’ll go ahead and call the nurse and we can go then ok?”

Shortly afterwards, the nurse came with my pills and I was gobbling them like candy.

“Take it easy girl! You won’t be taking them forever, you know.” She said, hands on her hips.

“But while I am, I might as well make the most of it.” I smiled.

“Ok, well lets get you down to the tub room.”

Kat helped me so much while in the hospital. She must be getting paid so much, I thought. To be helping one person so much. Little did I know, a friend of mine had hired her, and was paying her richly, that I would find out much later.

While in the elevator, Kat asked me “So, where is your boyfriend today?”

“At work. He started different hours, so he wont be here till much later.”

“Ohh”, she said with a slight grin. I would find out what that grin meant very soon.

“We turned down the hall to the tub room and she rolled me inside. There were three big sauna-like bathtubs, and no one was occupying any of them.

“Looks like we got the room to ourselves.” She said as she turned and locked the door.

I sat there in the wheelchair in only a robe, casino oyna and had pretty much got over my shyness a long time ago. Kat had seen me naked several times now, after all she had seen several people without clothes, I thought. She pulled my long brown hair up into a ponytail, and began to disrobe me. “Let me help you up the step.” She said as both of her hands wrapped around my bare waist and brought me to a standing position. There we were face to face, and she just gazed at me… there was something in her eyes. She was drinking me up. By this time I was feeling the effects of the medicine, but I couldn’t tell if the sensation in my body was from her or the medicine. She broke her gaze and led me to the steps. I stepped up carefully and down into the warm bath. It felt so inviting. I lay back and closed my eyes.

“Let me get some towels and washcloths, and I’ll be right back.” She said.

Moments later, I felt a warm washcloth soothing my face and neck. She dipped the washcloth in the water, and brought it to my chest. She gently washed my breasts with a circular motion, and back came that sensation in my body. I was actually being turned on by my physical therapist!

“Feel good?” She asked, not missing a stroke.

“Yes, it does.” I managed to squeak out.

She continued to run the washcloth round and round my bare breasts, obviously aware of my now erect nipples. She moved the washcloth down my stomach smoothly, and down to my thighs. I could feel myself getting very aroused now, and I assume she sensed that, because soon, she replaced her hand with the washcloth. Her fingers ran the length of my legs, and in between my thighs. She said nothing while doing this, and I too said nothing. I couldn’t help but to open my legs a bit, as to invite her in. She accepted the invitation, and her fingers moved up to my long awaiting mound. It had been what seemed like forever since I felt any stimulation, being in a cast for 8 weeks, and at this point I didn’t care who or what gave me that satisfaction, I just knew I needed canlı casino it. Her small fingers began to rub the outside of my pussy sending my body into shivers.

“Ohhh…Touch me!” I cried.

She soon led one finger inside of my now wet pussy and I closed tight down on it. She started to twist and turn it inside, rubbing my clit softly with her thumb. I arched my back against the side of the tub, and began to feel myself cum.

“Kat… I’m gonna… cummmm.” I whispered as I felt my body begin to shutter with the motion of her fingers teasing and pleasing my every needed spots. I came with such force, I didn’t realize she had taken her fingers from my pulsating mound and had them in her mouth.

“MMMM” she said. “That’s eight weeks of release built up. You taste so sweet!”

I was a little embarrassed by this time. She sensed this too, and soothed me with words.

“It’s ok.” She said. “I know it has been a long time for you. This is what you needed.”

It was what I needed, and inside I wanted more. She must have been a mind reader, because she stood up and began to undress. Her body was amazing! She had long blonde hair, and her breasts were at least 2 sizes bigger than mine, and very perky. She had a small tattoo around her belly button, and was tanned from head to toe. She stepped slowly down into the water, and sat on the side of the tub. I sat there looking at her, not knowing what to do, nor did I know what she wanted me to do. She put both feet up on the sides of the tub, exposing her nicely shaven pussy.

I knew then what she wanted from me. I came to her and gently kissed her thigh. Her head went back and she let out a small moan. I opened my mouth and let my tongue run down her thigh towards her pussy. I could smell her arousal. It was strong, yet sweet. I could see she was wet from what she did to me. It glistened between her now swollen lips.

With one finger, I slipped it between her lips and moved it up and down her wetness. She was so warm and wet. I took my index and middle fingers kaçak casino and spread her lips apart, and brought my tongue to her. I dipped my tongue inside and out and twirled it around her clit. My lips and tongue were saturated with her wetness. I was so turned on again! I continued licking her as she bobbed her head up occasionally moaning at me. I inserted two fingers into her, and sucked and flicked her clit with my tongue.

She was pushing her hips towards my face, and telling me not to stop… to make her cum like she made me. I wanted to do that. I wanted her to feel like me, I wanted to feel her cum all over my lips, I wanted to swallow everything she gave me. I continued to lick her, teasing her swollen clit, sucking it into my mouth. She was grabbing at her breast, and moved her other hand down to her pussy and spread it wide for me. I put my tongue as far as I could into her and licked her velvet walls. I led my other hand down to my own pussy and began to finger myself as I buried my face into the pussy of my physical therapist.

“Ooohhh… That’s so good… MMMM… I’m gonna cum!! Don’t stooooopppp!!” She said nearly yelling.

The excitement led me to lick her faster and finger myself faster. I felt her pussy walls tighten on my tongue, causing me to orgasm wildly. She came… boy did she cum. Her juices were smothered all over my lips and chin. I could feel her body quivering as she continued to orgasm. She then put her legs down into the water and motioned me to come to her. She kissed my lips, taking her cum from me. She licked the remaining cum from my chin, and again shared a cum kiss with me. We sat there for a few minutes, realizing what we had just done, but felt no shame. She was here to help me, and was doing just that.

“That was quite a bath!” I said to her.

“Yeah, hopefully we can continue this.” She said with that grin.

“I think I would like that… very much.”

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Uhh, Yes?” Kat hollered.

“Dr. Stokes needs Holly back in her room for a check. Plus it’s time for her medication again.”

Medication?, I thought. I had forgotten all about the pain. Kat was my pain reliever for the moment, and if it was up to me… for a long time to come.

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