Curious Dreams

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So, this is a little something me and my friend wrote. WARNING: Not for people under 17 or immature people. You don’t like it, don’t read it.


He held his breath. Even if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to breath anyway. Not with a hot college student in his room.

“Hey,” Terry spoke finally, “do you…really want to do this?”

Kevin looked up into his eyes. Those big brown beautiful eyes. “Yes…” he whispered…

Terry leaned in slightly, pressing his lips against Kevin’s. Terry moved his hand slowly down Kevin’s built chest to his belt as he made out with him. Kevin’s body shook with fear and nervousness, having never been romantically involved with another man before. A slight gasp released his mouth as he felt his belt become undone. Terry quickly removed the belt from Kevin’s pants, and started to grope for the button, and then pulled one side of his pants unzipping them.

Kevin grew even more nervous feeling Terry’s hands wander down past his torso. He wasn’t sure what to do, if he should do anything. Terry removed his lips from Kevin’s and began kissing his neck. Trailing kisses all the way down to the top of his pants. With each kiss Kevin’s breathing grew quicker.

Terry placed both his hands at the bottom of Kevin’s shirt and lifted it off him. Kevin’s breathing quickened, it felt as if his heart was going to come out of his chest. Terry tenderly kissed Kevin’s chest, looking up at Kevin with seductive eyes with each kiss. His hand wondered down to Kevin’s waist where he started to slide down his boxers. Kevin’s hung dick was getting aroused; moisture was in his boxers before they slid off to reveal his erect dick that Terry was almost down to.

“Houston, we have lift off,” he whispered playfully. canlı bahis Before Kevin could so much as giggle, he felt Terry’s warm moist tongue lick the tip of his dick, teasing him. As Terry teased him, his heart rate grew faster. Kevin closed his eyes, enjoying the temptations as Terry started to put Kevin’s dick in his mouth. Kevin let out a soft moan as Terry started to move his mouth up and down the shaft of Kevin’s dick. Every movement causing Kevin to get closer to climax. The euphoria of pleasure took Kevin over while Terry looked back up. Softly, Kevin whispered he was going to come, and Terry stopped.

With a lick of his lips Terry told Kevin “Bend over, and relax.”

Terry pulled off his shirt, revealing his muscular build. Slowly he taunted Kevin while removing his pants. Kevin’s eyes widened, and a soft smirk crossed his face as Terry stripped. Once Terry unzipped his pants, his dick was already erect. Kevin turned around, revealing his tight muscular backside. Kevin bent down, his ass level with Terry’s waist. Terry removed his boxers, placing his warm dick on Kevin’s ass he began to tease him. Slowly rubbing it along Kevin’s ass, Kevin moaned in anticipation. Terry slowly placed his dick in Kevin’s ass, tears rolled up in Kevin’s eyes and a slight yelp escaped his mouth. “Ssh, relax.” Terry whispered, pressing his body against Kevin’s. Placing his hands upon Kevin’s waist, Terry thrusts his dick against Kevin’s tight ass while he moved Kevin’s body to keep the pace. Kevin screamed out, “Oh God! You’re amazing Terry!!”

Terry smiled at the complement by Kevin. The aroma of there bodies filled the room it was distasteful yet sweet. The only sound in the room was that of their heavy breathing and moaning. Kevin moved his right arm and bahis siteleri grabbed his hanging dick and started to jerk it. Kevin’s moaning was soft and heavy as he felt Terry’s dick continuously thrust, and his own hand upon his wet, warm dick. For a moment the pleasure ceased, Terry withdrew his dick. Turning Kevin around, Terry playfully yet forcefully threw Kevin onto the bed. Kevin looked into Terry’s brown eyes, as Terry placed his dick before Kevin. Without thinking, Kevin put Terry’s dick in his mouth, slowly moving down the shaft. Placing his hands upon Terry’s balls he started to grope them, rubbing them tenderly.

Terry moaned softly, his heart beating faster. Before Kevin could continue, he pushed Kevin onto his back. Kevin looked up to Terry with loving eyes and a bright smile. Terry rubbed his dick upon Kevin’s dick and testicles playfully, then lifted Kevin’s legs over his head resting them on his shoulders. Terry slowly moved his wet, hard, hot dick into Kevin’s ass. Kevin moaned in delight, as did Terry. The temptation and excitement took control of Kevin’s body. Placing his hand on his flopping hard dick, he began to motion his hand upon the hardened shaft. Each thrust by Terry made his heart beat faster; bringing him closer to climax each time he stroked his member.

For the first time in Kevin’s life, something felt so perfect. Never had he been with someone who could bring him to climax this quickly, or satisfy his curiosity. Placing his other hand upon his testicles he began to rub them. Terry’s body was moving faster and harder than he was previously. Both of them moaning in delight, almost simultaneously they both whispered under their heavy breath “I’m going to come.” Before Terry could withdraw, Kevin came over his own bahis şirketleri stomach. Kevin’s breath was hard and heavy, as was Terry’s who withdrew and came on Kevin’s chest. Terry leaned down over Kevin, placing his lips upon Kevin’s kissing him. Kevin kissed back, using his tongue to massage Terry’s.

Terry lowered his body against Kevin’s. Throwing his arms around Terry’s waist, Kevin grabbed his tight ass. Running a hand threw Kevin’s hair; Terry asked “So, how’d you like it?” Kevin squeezed Terry’s butt cheek. “It was simply, amazing.” Kevin smiled, as Terry played with his hair. “How would you like to be the one delivering?” Terry said with a wink.

Fumbling for words, Kevin smiled and nodded. A smirk crossed Terry’s face, “But you seem to of made a mess out of yourself, how do you suppose we fix that?” Kissing Kevin’s neck, Terry moved down Terry’s body. Kissing his pecks, and licked any come that was on Kevin’s chest, until every inch was cleaned. Kevin giggled, and stood up off the bed.

Instantaneously, Terry bend over exposing his hardened tight ass. Slowly, almost cautiously, Kevin placed his dick on Terry’s ass and began to penetrate. Moaning Terry bent over more, allowing Kevin to force his way in deeper. Thrusting, Kevin quickly got used to the feel of Terry’s tight ass on his dick. Always had Kevin wondered what it was like to be with another man before, every aspect and more of his dreams were being fulfilled now.

Sweat glistened upon Kevin’s built chest, trickling down his body. Kevin could feel his heart beating heavily in his chest, and every inch of his body tingled with warmth. As they both moaned, Kevin smacked Terry’s ass. A red handprint showed on his white silky skin. Neither of them could last much longer. Pulling himself off Kevin, Terry laid on the bed, drained.

Laying next to him Kevin joined. Both breathing heavy, out of breathe with their hearts beating out of their chests. It was a night neither of them would soon forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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