Good Fortune Ch. 04

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Consciousness of time was momentarily forgotten. Paula, with eyes closed, relaxed on the couch, the memory of her last sexual encounter replaying in all its detail. The light fragrance of his aftershave and deodorant. His firm, stocky body, strong hands, full biceps . . . the dreaminess in his eyes. The taste of his kisses and the salt on his body. And firmness: everywhere they came in contact she felt the tautness of his body. The easygoing tempo of their lovemaking. Then the rapid increase of speed, the frenzy of passion, the deliberate, desperate final kiss . . .

The doorbell rang.

Paula’s memories evaporated in a cloud of confusion. How long had she been sitting there? When did her hand move down to her crotch, and would she have rubbed herself to an orgasm? Probably. Was there a wet spot down there (Yes!), and could the person at the door see it? Probably not. Was she flushed and breathing hard? Yes and yes. She took a couple breaths and shouted, “Just a second.” On inspiration she ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her neck to look like she’d just been exercising . . . though her clothes weren’t exercise clothes. Maybe he (or she) wouldn’t notice.

She opened the door: it was a she, probably a college student. She held level the insulated bag holding the pizza that Paula had ordered. Because of Paula’s recent sexual stimulation the thought flashed through her brain of inviting the girl in and assaulting her – – well, not as in ‘against her will,’ but as in coming on strong and finding a willing partner with whom to find sexual release. But this was a complete stranger who may or may not be interested in women, and who may or may not have some disease, who might not be discreet. And besides, Paula’s friend was coming over soon. She grabbed her wallet which she’s left on the hall table and paid for the pizza, including a reasonable tip. She did catch the girl furtively looking at her breasts, and while she wore a nicely full D-cup it occurred to her that her nipples hadn’t subsided from their recent engorgement. The thought brought a quick burst of pleasant sensation as she fleetingly felt the pressure of her nipples against her shirt. She caught the name of the girl from her nametag and used it as she thanked her and said good bye.

Paula closed the door and leaned her back against it, closing her eyes. She felt disoriented from the intense emotional and physical oscillation of the last couple minutes. She opened her eyes and saw that her hands holding the pizza had begun to droop as her mind wandered. Cleaning a pizza off the carpet and figuring out another meal in a hurry were not high on her to-do list right now, so she walked the pizza to the kitchen and set it in the oven to keep warm.

Paula was 5’6″ with shoulder length wavy brunette hair. Like her friends, Diana and Anna, she kept in shape. While the light-complected Diana did most of her exercise in home on the elliptical, Paula enjoyed jogging outdoors and taking in the sun at the same time. It wasn’t a surprise that she had the darkest tan of the three of them. And occasionally tanning nude on the back patio didn’t hurt either.

Diana was taller and a couple years older that Paula . . . and she couldn’t make it this evening. She was a natural leader, generally reserved and collected. But the night the three of them became lovers she saw Diana with her hair down, and found her to be a very sensual – – and beautiful – – companion.

Tonight just Anna was coming over. Anna was the shortest and youngest of the three. She had the cutest petite figure, with pert little breasts. And it also turned out she was a real firebrand in bed. That girl had more energy than Paula would have thought – – kind of like an energizer bunny that kept on going: it was hard to get her stopped, not that anyone wanted to stop her. Paula grinned slyly as she thought about trying to tire out her friend.

Paula headed down the hall shedding clothes as she went; she still had a few minutes before Anna was supposed to arrive. Her panties and shorts went straight in the laundry basket. Her shirt . . . yeah, it had gotten kind of wrinkled so it joined the others. No bra tonight. Oh, that might also have been what the delivery driver noticed. Naked, she entered the bathroom and dampened a washcloth. Out of curiosity she felt with her fingers first and found some of the remaining moisture which she dragged up to her clit – – oh, that felt good. She opened her eyes and looked at herself in the mirror and found that she’d already bent over the counter supporting her weight with her other hand. ‘Focus, Paula,’ she thought as she stood back up and rubbed her groin with the washcloth, maybe a little more than was necessary. She rinsed the washcloth, hung it on the rack to dry and headed back to the bedroom.

First her top – – had to give herself a couple more seconds to dry down below. Hmmm, something tight. White would be hot – – maybe a little too hot and revealing. casino oyna Red or black would cover a little better. Nah, Anna would appreciate a good show and they’d both be turned on seeing her boobs through the white shirt: white and tight it is. A matching white thong would do well. On second thought why not forego the panties – – they’d just get in the way later. Cutoff blue jean shorts to finish things off: they would show off her legs perfectly.

Paula headed back the short hall and heard firm knocking on the door. Is it that time already? She checked her cell phone – – close enough, what do you know. She skipped over to the door, briefly checking through the peep hole to confirm it was Anna. She opened the door quickly and welcomed her friend. Anna stepped right in and gave Paula a peck on the cheek as Paula closed the door. Anna said, “Well, look at you! I mean, I know I’ve got only one thing on my mind, but if I had anything else on my mind, it wouldn’t have a chance after seeing you!”

“Thank you, darling, and you look just as lovely as ever,” Paula replied, and she meant it. Anna wore a colorful, flowery sundress that fell agreeably over her little body. She was very pleasing to the eye. “Come here,” Paula continued as she held out her arms for a hug. Anna flowed easily into her arms and the two friends squeezed each other firmly for a few moments.

Anna reveled in the feel of her friend’s full chest pressed against her. She lifted her head to give Paula a kiss on the lips, which Paula evidently was just as willing to share. Their mutual desire for each other was unmistakable from the way in which the pressing lips soon parted and tongues quickly began flicking back and forth. Paula ran a hand down Anna’s back to rest on her tight butt which she pulled closer to her as she squeezed her own groin in towards her friend. Their feet began moving as though in a dance, swaying back and forth, their bodies turning a slow circle. Anna had one hand on the back of Paula’s head, pulling it down toward her as though defying her to break off the kiss. Her other hand mimicked her friend, grabbing and squeezing the full butt through the blue jean bottoms.

All of Paula’s plans would have flown out the window right then if they hadn’t been interrupted by electronic tones. For both of them the sound seemed far off. Anna recovered first, loosening her grip, and pulling reluctantly away from their passionate kiss. Paula’s eyes expressed bewilderment until Anna broke the silence. “Our cell phones went off.” Understanding, then embarrassment, dawned on Paula’s face as she reached into a tight pocket to pull out her cell phone. Anna was bending down and picking up her little purse from where she’d dropped it on the floor.

Paula said, “It’s a text from Diana.”

Anna continued, “Have fun you two!” She burst out laughing, and Paula immediately joined in.

Paula looked at her friend in a daze: embarrassment, lust, bewilderment all crowded her mind. She finally realized that as host she ought to say or do something. The fog finally began clearing from her head and she gave it a little shake as she purposefully smiled at her friend and cleared her throat. “Wow. It’s so good to have you here. Um. Let’s go to the kitchen. The pizza delivery girl was just here – – you like pizza with everything on it right?”

Anna followed her friend to the next room and sat down on the indicated bar stool as Paula pulled the pizza from the oven. Plates and napkins and drinks were produced and soon they were chatting away, the intense physical desire for each other hiding just beneath the surface of their conversation. Paula just couldn’t get sex out of her brain so it was no wonder that the conversation tended that direction.

Paula described the evening she’d had with her recent boyfriend, the night that Anna and Diana had spent without her. She described in detail his physical attributes, his sexual style, ability and the activities they engaged in. Anna listened attentively, occasionally prompting for additional detail. He probably wasn’t someone Paula would be interested in long-term, and she thought the feeling was mutual, but for pure physical enjoyment it was likely that they’d get together again sometime. She told Anna that she thought that she’d like him. On impulse she asked Anna if she’d like to fuck him.

Anna was nonplussed over the unexpected question, but before she could answer Paula was already racing forward. “I wonder what it would be like if we both screwed him at the same time? Would you prefer to screw him by yourself before doing a threesome, or just jump right in? I’ve never done a threesome before . . . uh, not with a guy I mean.” They both chuckled remembering the night the three friends first engaged in sex together. “I never talked to him about it, but I wonder if it would be better to prepare him for it ahead of time, or just surprise him with you being there? Most guys seem to fantasize about threesomes with women. You’re so cute canlı casino I know there’s no way he could resist you.”

Anna hadn’t gotten a word in edge-wise for a minute while Paula’s mind and mouth raced. Paula appeared to be momentarily unaware that she was rambling. Anna excused Paula’s long-windedness knowing that she was usually a very sensitive and cooperative conversationalist. Anna’s lips curled in a smile at her friend’s momentary lapse and kept listening. “And the pizza delivery person this evening,” Paula pressed on, “was a girl.” She opened her eye’s wider in emphasis. “She looked to be in college, about 20 years old, about 5’5″ with long blonde hair. I didn’t notice her eye color. She had glasses that make her look like she’s really smart, though you never know for sure. She was really cute with firm breasts and nice legs. Anyway, I was kind of . . . well, worked up with you coming over and all.” Paula glanced at her friend self-consciously and realized that she’d been going on and on. She gasped at her faux-pas, “Anna, I’m so sorry I’ve been saying everything . . .”

Anna consoled her friend. “Please, go on. I’m curious about what you were going to say.”

Paula took a moment to pick her train of thought back up and continued more slowly. “Well, because I was kind of hot and bothered with you coming over, and thinking about my last lover, I had this wild idea of pulling the pizza girl in and seducing her. And it would be fun by myself, and, you know, it could also be fun if you, and/or Diana, were with me too.” She paused, then “Well, that’s what I was thinking anyway. Kind of wild, I know. Easier said than done. I’m just thinking out loud.” She was obviously flustered at being so open with her fantasies.

“That is intriguing, I agree,” Anna answered. “A couple months ago, before, you know, we got together,” she smiled at her friend, “I would have probably thought you were off your rocker. But now. Well, some things don’t seem quite so wild anymore. I’m not opposed necessarily to anything you’ve said. There’s something to be said to meeting someone first to avoid a turnoff, you know, the way you sometimes look at a person and just know you’re not interested. But that aside . . . well, you have something planned for tonight, right?” Paula nodded. “So, we would just come up with a plan.” And the girls spent the next couple minutes talking about how they might go about enacting the ideas that Paula had raised without making any definite plans. Yet.

When that conversation wound down a little, Paula turned the conversation to give Anna more opportunity to talk, and so Paula could eat more of her pizza. “So, if you don’t mind, how did things go with you and Diana? Did you have fun? What did you do?”

Anna’s eyes lit up. “Oh, Paula. We had a wonderful time. Diana . . . she’s more creative and open sexually than I would have guessed from the reserved way she presents herself at work.” Paula’s jaw dropped in surprise as Anna explained about the strapon cock that Diana had purchased. Her surprise turned to excited anticipation as Anna described the experiences that the two of them had shared that evening. Her eyes glazed for a moment as she pictured her two friends naked and locked in sex.

When Paula’s follow-up questions had been pretty well answered, she sighed. “I wish I could have been there for that. Not that I would rob you of the experience you two shared, but, well, I’ve just got to get my hands, and ass,” they both giggled, “on that strapon.”

Anna countered, “You’ll have to wait in line because I already know that I want to fuck the living daylights out of you and Diana with it.” The girls laughed again.

Anna had eaten all she wanted, so she asked Paula, “So, what do you have planned for this evening?”

Paula was in no way opposed to moving onto ‘dessert,’ having been sexually stirred a couple times already this evening. Their current conversation worked to build the longing like a growing ache in her chest. “I’ll be glad to show you.” She stood, pulling Anna up with her and embracing her friend. She leaned over to give her a kiss. Paula was more in control this time, not wanting to interfere with the plans that she had made. She broke off the kiss before it went far and led her friend by the hand down the hall to the bedroom. She asked Anna to wait just a moment in the hall.

When Anna entered a few seconds later the room flickered with the light of several scented candles giving off a vanilla aroma. The ceiling fan circulated slowly brushing air gently across exposed skin. The bed was covered with crisp sheets, the blankets and comforters having been removed. The ambiance was very hushed and soothing.

“Anna, dear,” Paula whispered, “let’s get you out of those clothes.” Paula put words to action as she undid the buttons on the back of her friend’s sundress, lightly kissing her friend on the face and neck several times in the process. The dress was soon draped over a chair in the corner, and followed kaçak casino by Anna’s bra and panties. Anna stood before her friend naked and Paula stepped in for an intimate kiss and hug. Anna began tugging up on Paula’s t-shirt, which was unsuccessfully hiding a pair of very erect nipples, but Paula’s hands interfered as she intoned “No” during their kiss.

“Anna, please lay down in the center of the bed,” Paula murmured while pointing to her queen size bed. Anna obediently crawled to the middle of the bed where she sprawled, feeling a little self-conscious at being naked in front of her still clothed friend. “Now, Anna, just tell me if you object to this,” Paula said as she reached to the side of the bed between the mattresses, out of Anna’s line of sight. Anna was amused at how reminiscent this was of how Diana had approached her during their recent time together, and they’d had a grand time. She was fleetingly grateful for the sensitivity of her friends to not force something unwanted on each other, but trusting enough to try new things. Paula’s hands came up with something that looked kind of fuzzy. “I would like to spend the next while pleasing you . . . and maybe even wearing you out, if that’s possible.” Anna stared at the object in Paula’s hand and finally recognized it in the dim light as a handcuff . . . a soft, cushiony handcuff.

Paula cuffed one end of it to the upper left corner of the headboard then stretched it toward Anna’s hands. “If you don’t mind,” and she was seeing no immediate objection from her friend, “then I’ll cuff you to the bed. If you don’t like it or get uncomfortable, let me know and I’ll undo the straps. Now there is a way to undo the straps,” and she briefly described the mechanism to her friend.

Anna wasn’t sure if she grasped the way to undo the cuffs, but didn’t really care about it either. She spoke a little tentatively, “You know I like to touch and feel and hold . . . but I’m willing to give this a try. I’ve never done anything like this before, and honestly there are few people I’d trust, but I’m OK with you.”

Paula gently clasped the first cuff to Anna’s right wrist, inspecting it to ensure it was tight enough without being too tight. She walked to the other side of the bed and pulled another cuff from between the mattresses. She attached this to the right side of the bed. Anna lifted her left arm and Paula snapped the wrist in. Paula had Anna scoot as far down the bed as she could, then repeated the process with some ankle cuffs. Paula stood a moment at the foot of the bed, her eyes roaming up and down her friend’s spread-eagled body before looking her friend in the eyes. “You are so beautiful Anna.” Her softened expression and voice turned more impish as she continued, “and I’m determined to make you writhe in pleasure.”

Anna turned her head and followed her friend as she opened the top drawer of the dresser. She reached in and pulled out a little dish with something dark in it, and a small spoon. Paula stepped over to Anna. “We missed having dessert the time we were at your house, so we’ll start with that.” Anna remembered how she had prepared several bowls of dessert syrup, but their kissing and oral sex had escalated so quickly that they never had used any. Paula held the bowl about a foot over Anna’s chest and pulled out the spoon. It trailed a thin stream of substance which fell just below her breasts as the first scoop drizzled onto her belly, her belly button, her mons and near her sides. The bowl moved lower, and the next scoop drizzled down her left leg, soon follow by a scoop down her right. She was sure the substance was room temperature, but it felt cool and tickly on her skin. She thought she was beginning to pick up the scent of chocolate – – who could resist that.

Paula set the bowl down, then walked to the foot of the bed again. She steadily lifted the t-shirt off her body and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts hung invitingly and Anna regretted being tied up and not able to reach out and grope them: that explained part of the reason Paula waited to undress until after she was tied down. Next the cutoff blue jeans were worked off Paula’s full hips and slid to the floor. Anna’s mouth watered at the sight of her friend’s little landing strip which culminated at her slightly engorged pussy lips.

Paula padded over to the side of the bed and crawled on near Anna’s legs. She unhurriedly bent down and began sucking the chocolate syrup from her knee and leg. Sometimes Paula’s tongue licked like a dog, smearing it around the tender flesh, especially toward the inside of Anna’s leg, and other times she sucked a particular spot. Anna squirmed as Paula’s tongue roamed around the sensitive inside of her thigh. Paula moved up and began licking and sucking Anna’s abdomen. Her hair gently brushed against Anna’s breasts as she licked the chocolate from the area just below her breasts. Anna squeaked at the tickly feeling when Paula poked her tongue in her belly button, and sucked in her breath when Paula’s tongue began caressing her sensitive side. Paula crawled carefully across her friend’s legs, making little contact and began working her lips and tongue down Anna’s other leg.

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