She’ll Do Anything

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Cool air brushed across my nipples like gentle fingers, making them into hard points. Waist deep water lapped at my sun taunt skin, while that magnificent orange globe hung just inches above the horizon making everything within sight a lovely golden.

Samantha Timberline floated on her back allowing her sun-like spheres to rock with each wave, driving me crazy. Breasts are my favorite part of a woman, and though hers were not overly large, they were wonderful to gaze upon. They teased with her every move.

Her long tan legs moved with delicate precision, propelling her toward shore in a lazy, sexy backhand. Her body arched and an arm went overhead, the long fingers dug into the water in a strong backstroke. The nipples of her breasts pushed hard at the fabric of her suit like escaping animals. I liked that her breasts didn’t disappear when she was on her back, and at the Vee of her shapely thighs, the fabric hugged her womanhood with a clear double definition. A sudden pang went through me at the thought of my face nuzzling there.

“Hey,” she said, splashing water in my direction. Oh, oh, caught staring and dreaming.

“What’d you do that for?” I said, grabbed a foot and pulled her to me before she could get away. My other hand splashed water in her face.

Samantha’s head went under and I released her. She came up sputtering, brushing the wet hair from her face. She spun fast, the long dark hair sprayed water like a bullwhip in all directions. She split for the shore.

The deep water kept both of us to a minimum until we neared shore. I let her win our faux-race so I could watch her cute little ass. Reaching shore, she pulled at the bikini bottoms. A little too much as the suit wedged into the crack of her ass. I wanted to touch that deliciousness, but didn’t. We hadn’t reached that far into our relationship and I didn’t know how far she would allow me to go.

I had known Sam, since grade school and until her family had moved away during that second high school year, we’d been friends, Now they were back. The two of us had decided it was time we caught up, and the lake seemed the ideal place.

She flopped on the sand and smiled when she saw me looking again.

“So, what college are you going to,” she said, pulling me back to the reason we were here. Samantha wiped a drop of water from her short nose. The slight indent where it had been broken when she fell off the merry-go-round in the fifth grade was still there.

“The first two years community college here at Belmont . . . then I don’t know. Money’s tight right now. I think Mom and Dad want to see how I’ll do before sending me off on my own.”

She laughed. It was a robust sound not at all reproachful. “Probably best. If I recall you were like me, never an A student, and now that I’m back that’s where I plan on studying.”

“Good,” I said, “we’ll see more of each other then.”

“Yes, we will.”

She was silent, looked out into the growing dusk of the lake. The lap of water on shore pushed by the small breeze, cooled my skin, brought an image of two juveniles playing right on this same spot. My attention soared over the darkening shape of Samantha as she gazed into her own memories.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

“Just thinking.”

“Of what?”

“Why we never got together before this.”

“You moved.”

“That wasn’t it, we had lots of time before.”

There it was again, that thoughtful silence. I wondered a lot about her in the passed few hours. I don’t remember her being this delightful, so easy to be with, so lovely.

“I’m a virgin.”

Wow, that was out of some field . . . left or right wouldn’t have mattered. I totally wasn’t prepared.

“I only say that to let you know that I plan on saving myself for that someone special.”

My heart stopped.

“That’s nice,” I said, looking into her eyes and I really meant it. “You don’t hear that much these days.” A thought flashed through my brain, wondering if I could be that special person.

“I’m kidding,” Samantha said, laughed and added shyly, “I just never found that certain person that I wanted to take my cherry, so I’ve never screwed anyone.”

“Nothing wrong in that, shows character.”

“I’ve never experimented either.”

“Why . . . why are you telling me this?”

“Because . . . you make me feel that I need to unburden myself. Because, I think that I’d like to experiment with you.”

I felt the frown come on and I couldn’t stop it from showing.

“Ahhh,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“Don’t tell me that you haven’t thought about it tonight,” she said. “I see how you look at me. Right now, I see tension in your face, but I trust you.”

“Trust is a very strong word.”

“I know in my heart that you won’t do anything I don’t want. What more can a woman ask?”

At the moment, all I could think about was pushing my cock down her throat and fucking her senseless, but said, “What are you looking for?”

“Sure as hell not commitment. Just an agreement ataşehir escort that we take everything slow and see where it goes. Don’t you think that we need to share things first, get to know each other?”

Slow wasn’t really what I needed right now. “Okay,” I said, deciding to share, “I like my nipples sucked.”

“Whoa, that’s quick.”

“Too much information, too soon?”

I chuckled, focusing on her sun-red darkening face. Samantha was bathed in the last rays of light as night stalked us.

“I just didn’t think we’d jump that quick into sexual things.”

“You started it, and life is short and it’s something I enjoy. Not many men do from what I read. What about you?”

Her lips puckered in thought, but I was thinking of other things she could do with that lusty mouth.

“I like when I squeeze and twist mine,” she said, “so I would enjoy mine likewise teased.”

In the dark, I imagined her squinting at me. “Maybe,” she added, “we could begin with simple kissing.”

“We have to be a lot closer,” I said, and reached for her. She folded herself around me, arms lightly about my neck, holding our chests a bare minimum apart. Her suit was wet, but those rigid nipples were on fire as their fabric covering brushed against me.

Samantha’s lips searched softly, butterfly wings were stronger. Damn, I was trembling when our lips met. I took her lower lip between mine, worked it gently, ran my tongue lightly over the soft flesh. A sharp intake of her breath, then the tentative touch of a tongue on my upper lip. Blood pounded in my ears, and I breathed for the first time since our original contact. Her breasts moved against my chest in light, maddening movements, then mashed hard against me. One hand on my neck ran through my hair, pulled me closer. Our tongues fully entwined, gliding over each other in spark-induced rapture. The effect on me was more than I had imagined. More forceful, I pushed my tongue into her mouth. Hers danced against mine and I searched the sweetness of her mouth. Samantha returned the favor, and I felt almost violated as her tongue fucked my mouth with something like pure joy. Then it was over, and she pulled away with a final flick from that fabulous tip.

” . . . electrifying,” she whispered, laying her head in the hollow of my shoulder.

I agreed and it took awhile to gain composure.

Finally, Samantha leaned back, cradling my neck in her hands. I could just make out her face in the hardening dusk, and I thought she smiled.

“Ummmm.” My knees became weak and my heart beat fast as she worked on one of my nipples in her tender mouth. Her warm tongue rasped around the small point making it harder. Her lips pulled on the tender flesh, the tongue whipped across the tip with fine sandpaper intensity drawing out another sound from me that was more gurgle than cry of pleasure.

“Yeow! Don’t bite.”

“Oh, I . . . I’m sorry,” she said, “got carried away.”

“Don’t forget the . . . yesss.”

She tongued the other one to a stiff barrel like shape. My knees were in a state of flux, going from weak joy to extreme pleasure. She sucked hard then light, and I finally came to.

“Wait, wait,” I said. “We need to do this together.”

She backed an arms length away.

“You mean, sixty-nine?”

I don’t know if she meant to shock me, but it did, and she chuckled.

“We don’t know each other that well, yet,” I said, regaining my composure, “maybe later.”

She let out a controlled sigh, hugged me, and ran her tongue around the lobe of my ear. Samantha’s fiery breath emitted pure sex and my Johnson was painfully cramped in my suit.

“First, lets get you out of that top, I said.”

When I didn’t hear a stop, it took only a few seconds and the top was somewhere in the dark sand. The tan less breasts shone like twin beacons against the rest of her darkened skin.

“Put your back to me, and scoot down until your head is in my lap.” When she did as I asked, her head rested on my hard on, but I didn’t care. It felt damn good, and gave me ideas agreeable to my sudden wantonness. Men are such sex pigs. No one can read minds so I was safe within my thoughts of debauchery. I leaned over, kissed the soft round flesh, found a nipple and flicked it with my tongue, then the other. They were large and already hard, and I drew one into my mouth.

“Ohhh, that’s nice,” she purred.

She searched, kissing her way upward, found a nipple with her soft lips and we were in a mini-sixty-nine. Whatever I did to her, she did to me, and vice-versa. The taste of her went directly to my lower regions, and I knew that she could feel the throbbing under her head. Sam teased the building sensation by rolling her head from side to side and exerting pressure. Little Minx.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Not this exactly. I did have a boy friend a year ago, you know.”

No, I didn’t. She’d not spoken of him.

“We did mutual masturbation one time,” she whispered so low kadıköy escort bayan it was difficult to hear, “and I did give him a hand job one afternoon, because I wanted to see it spurt. That’s as far as I’ve went. He wanted me to do other things of course, but I wasn’t into those, and he found someone who was, after so many no’s.”

Didn’t she say that she’d never experimented? What did she call mutual masturbation? It’s a sure thing that I didn’t like her old boyfriend; didn’t plan on leaving either. I couldn’t honestly say that, but in my mind it was correct and I did want more, but how much I wasn’t sure.


The day was just breaking open when I woke to some jerk in his car without mufflers parading down our street. Wiping my eyes with the back of my hands, I rolled to the side of the bed. The sun was up before me, and I was lucky it was Saturday, or I’d have been late for work.

Yawning widely, I thought about Sam and our first night together, only last week. We hadn’t done anything physical since, just going to dinner, talking, getting to know each other. It would have been great to further our mini sixty-nine play, down past that beautiful belly button, and into her treasure palace.

I love oral sex, both giving and receiving. And, it wouldn’t be good to suggest it at this stage of our relationship. I thought every day about how wonderful it would be to have her lips going up and down on my pleasure pole, and I dreamed of cumming in that lovely mouth. With that strong jaw line, she should be able to take most of my length and with practice, the rest into her throat. A wonderful goal, her deep-throating my Johnson.(does anyone call their penis a Johnson anymore? Once a girl had laughingly called it Johnny, and it sort of stuck with me.)

I’m not a person who takes without giving . . . I’d love to jump into Samantha with my tongue. Taste every warm pulsating centimeter. I fantasized about doing just that, last night.

“Ummm, you taste so good.” I had said. “I could do this forever.”

What she answered, I couldn’t understand as I stroked in and out of her wet mouth. She heaved back and forth on my fleshy pole, a calf playing with a single teat udder. Laying on her back in a sixty-nine position, she was open to my total control. My ball sack folded around her nose with each down stroke, but Johnny-boy wasn’t all the way yet, and I wanted her to deep throat me, except I kept stopping at the back of her mouth.

For a while, she lay passive under me, my elbows rested on either side of her holding my weight. With arms under her legs, I used lips, teeth and tongue on her baldness, my fingers circled that little puckered flower just below. I placed a finger in my mouth wetting it, and worked it gently into her to the first knuckle.

“Ughhhmm,” I thought she mumbled in pleasure.

Working Johnny in and out of her warm sucking mouth was wonderful. I felt my spunk burning deep inside, and increased the speed of my delivery. I pulled from her sucking mouth, but she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me back, her face plastered to my stomach, that slippery tongue doing a number for my pleasure.

I slowed to a docile rhythm and she sucked wildly. Her lips banged against the bottom of my cock, every inch buried as far as it could go and her tongue lashed its entire length. Each time I thrust forward, I could feel the head going past her tonsils, and she never gagged once. It built faster and faster, I was going to cum any second, and I worked harder to make her climax with me.

“Come on, baby,” I said, running the tip of my tongue up and down her swollen clit. “I’m so close, cum with me.”

My balls ached demanding release. I was about to discharge both treasure buckets into her waiting mouth.

“Now,” I yelled, just before I went off. “Yeowww.”

Pain grabbed Johnny Boy by the shaft and shook me like a flag in a hurricane. What the hell, just happened? Red!

“Damn it, Samantha, I’m bleeding. What are you a Vampire?”

“No,” she shouted back. “Why in the shit did you think I’d want your fucking dick squirting in my mouth . . . I’m a lesbian, you asshole.”

Grabbing the sheet I wrapped my red soaked member . . . then I was wide awake, holding the wrinkled bed sheet in an ironclad grip.

I lay for a long time quieting my breathing, thinking about what had just happened, so happy that it wasn’t real. How men can allow a woman they don’t know put all those teeth around their Johnsons. We must be crazy-stupid.


I brought Samantha back to my place after lunch on Sunday, as she wanted to see the old house again, and say hi to my mom and dad. We had made plans to go swimming, and after an hour of small talk she said, “We’d best be headed to the beach if we want to get a good spot before they’re all taken.”

“You like to swim?” Mom asked.

“Oh yes,” Sam said, looking directly in my eyes. “I love it, especially last week.”

“Ok, then, we’d better go, see you,” I said, with a wave escort maltepe over my shoulder, hoping neither parent saw me redden at her words.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” dad said as we went out the door.

“We won’t,” Samantha yelled back, and giggled.

If they only knew what was in my mind.

On the way to the beach, Samantha turned on the radio. Found a blues station, turned the volume down so we could just hear it in the background, and scooted as close as she could get.

“I did enjoy last week,” she said. “Perhaps we can do that again today.”

“We could go a little further this time, if you’d like . . . experiment.”

It was a brazen thing to say, but we had talked about sex during the week, and how we might proceed.

“We’ll see.”

She laid a hot hand on my thigh. “You know that I’m not experienced, but girls talk, and I do know a few things about what boys like.”

“And what would that be?”

“I’m told they like blowjobs.” She giggled.

Instantly my mind flew to last nights dream, and I cringed inside.

“I’ve heard that too,” I said, feeling a sudden pang of guilt.

“What about you? Do you like Blowjobs?” she said.

“I have to admit that I’ve never had all that many. So, I don’t know how to answer that question.”

“Did you like what you did get?”

I glanced at her after looking in the rear view mirror to check traffic. She had a mischievous grin on her face.

“Why do you ask?”

“I was thinking about giving you one while we head to the beach.”

I damn near ran off the road. Brought the vehicle back on track, and steadied it in lane.

“I don’t want us getting into an accident,” I said, wondering if she could hear my heart thumping in my chest?

“Oh yeah, that was close enough,” she said, and my heart sank. “Find a place to pull off.”

All of a sudden . . . what was in this girls mind?

“I’ve never had a boys . . . thing in my mouth . . . my friend Gloria says it’s wonderful. Does it to her boyfriend all the time, and I’ve been thinking about this all week. There,” she said, pointing, “pull in there.”

It was a tree lined gravel turnoff, with a small picnic area under the trees. I pulled in, parked back of a small grove of trees.

We sat in silence for a few moments.

“Are you going to take your bathing suit down, or am I going to have to do it?”

In seconds, it was down to my ankles.

“Oh, my,” Samantha said. “You are ready.”

Her hand was like a burning torch as it snaked across my thigh toward Johnny.

“I hope I won’t disappoint you.”

Fear ran up my spine for one quick second, remembering.

“You will be careful?”

“Not to bite? Only if I remember,” she said grinning.

Her hand worked the shaft flesh up and down slowly. Her eyes were wide, and her hand trembled. We were both excited. Then a dreamy look coated her eyes.

“I can’t believe that I’m really doing this . . . finally.”

I touched her cheek with the back of my hand and she jumped, snapping out of the stupor. For a second she looked at me, then down at the clear bead of pre-cum that oozed from the slit in the head of Johnny. Her head bent, and that pink tip of a tongue eased out like a captured animal and swiped it clean.

A low cat-like growl emitted from her throat. Her questioning eyes returned to mine.

“Oh my,” she whispered, turning back. Already another drop had materialized and she watched it grow, her eyes wide with fascination. This time she placed both lips over the drop sucking lightly. Her tongue ran over the wonderful lips drawing in what remained of the clear, viscous liquid.

“Hummm.” A tiny gasp sifted over her lips like a delicate spring breeze. “I’ve wondered so long about the taste and now . . .”

Her hand continued to move up and down, and she smiled, went back feeding. That went on several more times, and was more than I could bear. I gently pushed up with my hips. The head of my cock entered her mouth, and she took the hint, lowering herself on Johnny by a couple of inches. By then, my need to cum was way up there on the scale of desire, but she wasn’t ready for that yet. She grabbed my balls and kneaded them like two white tangerines in a Ziploc bag. All the while, her head was going slowly up and down, her lips tight, and that constant humming. I had never experienced a hum-job, and it was crazy. Every once in a while she’d stop at the head, lick all around, suck fast a couple times and then slow, driving me mentally insane with the elegance of her actions. I watched her delicate throat as she swallowed.

Then I couldn’t stop the rush. It blurted up the tubes with great force.

“I’m cumming, Baby,” I warned. “I’m cumming.”

I don’t know if she heard. At that point, I didn’t care. All I wanted was to cum in that lovely mouth, to fill it until she could hold no more. The first forceful splash had to hit the back of her throat. That was when she began to whine, short bursts of sound urging more and more from me with each surge. I couldn’t think after that first huge splash, and grabbing her head held tight. Four more spurts and that was all I had in me, though she didn’t quit. I don’t know when she swallowed, but I still held her to me when she began to pull away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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